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Campaign management

SMS Marketing at your fingertips.
Communicate with your customers using one
of the fastest and most popular marketing methods

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Business Management

Manage your business efficiently and effectively
using our SMS monitoring and reporting tools. Plan and
strategise your campaigns and business goals with Infoways SMS

SMS (gateway & aggregation)
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Campaign Management
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Software(for sending SMS)
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Solutions for Government
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Improve the productivity and mobility of your business with Infoways SMS.
We offer a range of services, tailored to meet your business goals.

Email to SMS

  • Send SMS notifications, reminders, alerts and more through your existing email server.

2-Way SMS

  • Allow responses to your messages. Get your clients to confirm their appointment, even allow them to request one via SMS.


  • Send and receive low cost, bulk SMS messages from your computer with our web SMS system.


  • Create and send campaigns through your own applications.

Manage Opt-outs

  • Automate your opt-outs. Reporting on opt-out rates so you can monitor your campaign’s success.

SMS for mission critical solutions

  • Reach out to your clients to get instant results.Alert clients of account status, request information from them such as trade acceptance for their portfolio in seconds and get a response even quicker no matter where your client is.

Delivery Receipts

  • Get reports showing a log of each message you have sent and received.
  • At Infoways we use the SAP mobile network, the biggest and best in the world, delivering over 1.6 billion promises daily!

Campaign Management

Increase your reach to your customers

  • Marketing adds a personal touch, send SMS promoting your services or events to clients.
  • Our online, self-service campaign manager allows you to quickly and easily develop, execute, and measure SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Organise your campaigns with easy SMS campaign creation, automated personalization and unsubscribe management.
  • Communicate with your customers using one of the fastest and most popular marketing methods.

Developers – SMS Integration

  • We provide developers with a series of tools to integrate into our SMS platform.
  • Our suite of APIs assist developers integrate SMS messaging into applications and new and existing software.
  • Use Infoways’ Bulk SMS API to allow your application to send text messages through our SMS gateway. We can provide you with the tools and support you need. Our SMS gateway is robust, reliable and easy to use.


  • We can custom build a portal to suit your business requirements
  • Build and implement an API to your existing CRM/HR system or operating software
  • We offer tailor made management and reporting software
  • We use a rapid software development method so you can test and use your product sooner

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